Welcome to Southie's hottest 🔥 new yoga studio.

Freelancing wasn't easy in the beginning of the pandemic, and neither was opening up a new hot yoga studio. Danielle Lussier, founder of Evolve Power Yoga, reached out to my partner Ryan and me through a mutual friend in need of a logo for her new yoga studio on the corner of F Street and West Broadway in South Boston. This was our first project together under the name Glass Half, our two-man freelance operation.

Project Details

ClientEvolve Power YogaServicesLogo Design, Branding, SignageYear2020Linkhttp://www.evolvepoweryoga-southie.com


We kicked it off with a productive discovery and brainstorming sesh

It was the early days of the pandemic so my partner Ryan and I hopped on a zoom call with Danielle to learn about the business. We went through a quick brand sprint exercise to get our bearings and come up with an overall direction for the project.


After our first chat with Danielle we started jamming on some logo concepts keeping our audience and brand pillars in mind. As you can imagine, the Southie studio's clientele is primarily young professional who are typically more conscious of trends and brands that have a higher perceived value.

The Logo

After presenting a handful of ideas we came to our final execution of this design. The icon is an abstraction of the lotus pose, with amorphous shapes flowing together and evolving into each other. From here we went on to expand the brand, creating secondary brand marks and developing a color palette that evokes peace and mindfulness.

Studio Signage

The studio was facing a few issues before its grand opening in August of 2020. Being in a heavily trafficked area, the second floor space above a Café Nero wasn't the most inviting location to passers-by. Second, the shop would face some privacy issues for the clientele during their classes from onlookers on the street below. Our solution was a semi-transparent window vinyl that could provide visibility for the studio, and privacy for the clients while still allowing the natural light to come in through the studio's beautiful full-height windows.

Evolve Power Yoga Studio Window Graphics