A bit about me...

The good, the great, and the handsome.

How I got here

I wish I could say I was always an artistic kid but that’d be a lie. I was pretty good at most things. I got good grades in school and played on various sports teams, but being artistic was never my strength. That was until I first got my hands on a little computer program called Photoshop CS3.

Like any 12 year old kid who has access to Photoshop, I mostly made memes… But those years of creating terrible content for my sneakerhead friends and strangers on reddit gave me a foundational skill set that put me on this path.


The high school I attended offered technical programs in a variety of disciplines, and I took a mixture of I.T. and Graphic Design. The I.T. class fueled my passion for technology and I'm forever grateful to have learned so much about the technology I use everyday. In the design program, I learned how to use all of the essential Adobe applications including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

I attended Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI where I honed my skills and was able to experiment creatively to explore my strengths. I learned a bit of everything including logo design, HTML/CSS, print design, brand identity design, animation, photography, marketing fundamentals, and project management. The design program was incredibly robust and rewarding. I got to work individually and on various teams with other students as well as with real-world clients.

Early experience

My first job out of school was an internship at a small local marketing agency in Abington, MA. I developed a lot of important skills in my short 10 months there. The team was small, just two designers and two developers, so I gained a lot of experience and knowledge very quickly. I had my hands on every project that went out the door and interfaced with clients on a regulars basis. Most importantly, I grew thick skin and learned how to take feedback from all directions. Like every young designer, I kind of thought I knew everything. I was quickly able to put my ego aside and just listen in order to achieve the best possible results in the end.


Shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic I landed a job at iRacing, a motorsports videogame developer. I knew nothing about racing going into this role, and quickly found that I absolutely love it! As a life-long gamer and car enthusiast I found myself getting lost in the game and playing for hours on end. This only made the work more rewarding to have such a strong connection to the product.

I started out in marketing doing a ton of digital design work. I made logos, landing pages, banner ads, etc. As time went on, I took on more and more projects and responsibilities. I took the design lead on the rollout of our new forum software, grew our eSports presence through social media strategy and improved website design, managed and hired other creatives on a small in-house design team, and eventually helped form a new cross-department user experience team where I now do the bulk of my work improving our customer experience across the entire iRacing product.

That good boy

That's my dog, his name is Koios and he's my buddy. My girlfriend and I rescued him from Aruba after we went on vacation there towards the end of 2021 and saw the sheer number of strays on the island. He's a Rhodesian Ridgeback and Belgian Malinois mix that loves to come on hikes with us. Fun fact: shortly after that photo was taken he broke free of his harness and took off down the trail to go say hi to another hiker!